BMBS, BA, BAppSc (Sports Science), Honours degree Exercise Physiology University Medal

Dr John Hart

BMBS, BA, BAppSc (Sports Science), Honours degree Exercise Physiology University Medal

Education & training
Graduating from Flinders University in 1998,  Dr John Hart has worked in general practice for twenty years. In addition to medical training, he has completed undergraduate and post-graduate qualifications in chronic disease management and lifestyle medicine.  

Special interests
Dr John Hart has special interests in the drug and non-drug prevention and management of a wide range of medical conditions, including;

Dr John Hart can also assist in reducing or eliminating prescription medications when safe, along with the cessation of smoking, alcohol and drugs of abuse.

What can a patient expect when they have Dr John Hart as a doctor?
A holistic approach to health and disease that examines the root causes of your symptoms, as well as providing symptom relief.

What is the most critical factor in Dr John Hart’s doctor-patient relationship?
Open and honest two-way communication. Excellent communication enables a detailed understanding of concerns, issues, contributors and facilitators so that measurable, achievable and realistic outcomes can be reached.

What hobbies or activities does Dr John Hart enjoy when he is not working?
Starting the day with a run and swim at Sawtell Beach and a dozen fresh oysters from the Co-op. Going on long walks in nature with his partner.

What would Dr John Hart be doing if he wasn’t a doctor?
A full-time student, learning about health optimisation and disease prevention

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